Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the EuroUS Accelerator Boston have a specific industry focus?

Our staff has expertise in most high-tech industry sectors, including Information Technology, Telecommunications, Semi Conductors, Life Sciences, and Clean Energy, We complement our own expertise with best-in-class specialist from our personal networks.

2. What type of organizations does the EuroUS Accelerator serve?

The EuroUS Accelerator is designed to help European national, regional and other organizations that have a need to educate entrepreneurs about innovation in the US, promote and support their startups and entrepreneurs in the US market, and represent their nation, region or organization in the Boston innovation ecosystem.

We also encourage individual companies to contact us, and ask for our special company program, which offers similar acceleration services to individual companies.

3. Can the accelerator help us find funding for our companies?

Boston is the second most active area in the U.S. for Angel and VC funding. In general U.S. investors are reluctant to invest directly in foreign startups due to unfamiliarity with foreign legal environments. However, there are exceptions to this rule. We can assist in determining an appropriate funding strategy.

4. How scaleable is your model?

Because we are working with shared office space providers, we can quickly adapt to your growing requirements. This includes finding other dedicated facilities when required.

5. Do we have to make a long term commitment?

Because of our flexible operating model, sixty day notice will be sufficient.

6. Can non-European entities participate?

The accelerator is focused on serving the need of nations and regions in Europe, but special situations will be considered.