Why Boston?

What makes Boston a premier U.S. and global innovation center, and why is it especially attractive for European start-ups?


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Cambridge, the home of Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Kendall Square (the world’s densest square mile of startups and research facilitities), is separated from the City of Boston by the Charles River. Boston’s own innovation activities are concentrated in the Seaport District.

The EuroUS Accelerator is located at the edge of the Kendall Square area, right between Harvard University and MIT.

Other areas of high-tech innovation are situated along the Route 128 Corridor, the highway encircling the City of Boston.

This is why your entrepreneurs need to be in Boston

  • More than 50 colleges and universities in the greater Boston region and more than 100 in the state of Massachusetts form the greatest geographic concentration of research talent in the world!
    • MIT, Harvard, Boston University, University of Massachusetts, Babson College, etc.
    • Massachusetts General Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute …
  • A strong, extensive eco-system encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Second place in the US in terms of start-up formation and financing.
  • A large, well educated and varied talent pool, originally created by the many computer and other high-tech companies started and headquartered in the region, and continually fed by the local universities and research institutions.
  • A strong life sciences cluster which has attracted many global biotech companies to establish their research laboratories in the Boston area.
  • The Massachusetts State Government is actively promoting innovation in the state.
  • Only a six hour time-zone difference relative to Central European Time, and many direct relatively short flight connections with Europe. Boston’s Logan International airport has are non-stop connections to Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Paris, Rome, Lisbon and other European airports.
  • Relatively unencumbered traffic situation, with excellent connections to the airport and to the Route 128 high-tech corridor. Compared to most other US cities, Boston has a relatively good public transportation system serving the core city area of Boston/Cambridge/Newton).
  • Strong cultural proximity to Europe, which makes it easier for Europeans to feel at home here.

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